Doubling Traffic & Doubling Sales - How Did We Do It?

How We Get Overseas Clients Coverage in the UK

We have clients all over the globe so we need to know how to get the best results from public relations on an international level. For Bliss Sanctuary for Women, a luxury retreat in Bali, our strategy was to raise the profile of the retreat in the UK resulting in the sanctuary being fully booked. Find out how we did this here.


How to...Get the Best Out of Your PR Agency

Making sure you get the best out of your PR agency is crucial for seeing that all important return on investment. The Sunny Bird PR team has compiled a How To guide to help you do just that.

PR Campaigns - The Good, The Bad and The Viral

This month we present a fashion designer using a dating app to showcase his latest collection, a florist attacking the big apple with guerrilla bouquets and some uncomfortable seating options on Mexico City’s pubic transport. Read the round-up here.

Journalist of the Month

Claire Scott is a journalist for The Irish Mirror and Dublin Live and a lover of G&T’s! She kindly took a moment away from her busy schedule to answer our Journalist of the Month questions and gave us a craicing question in return...