Pay By Results

About Pay By Results

PBR is a service we offer by invitation only to select clients. The PBR service is ideal for those who are new to PR and are unsure of the deliverable results, or those who have been disappointed by PR agencies in the past and are apprehensive about committing to PR again.

As a results focussed agency, we set KPIs with our clients for every project, and to date there has never been a time that we have not met those targets. With that in mind we have developed the PBR service specifically designed to put clients’ minds at rest and restore their faith in PR.

How does Pay by results work?

The team at SBPR will work with you to understand your PR objectives (increased sales/more stockists/enhanced SEO etc), with those in mind the SBPR team will then devise a 12-month PR strategy designed to achieve those objectives.

The PR strategy will outline the agreed activities and KPIs per month. If at the end of the 12 months, SBPR has not delivered on all our KPIs then a percentage of the PR fee will be refunded to you.


How much does PBR cost?

There is no upper limit on the PBR service, it can be applied to any size of PR campaign over our minimum spend of £2,000 per month.

Do I pay extra if you exceed the targets?

No! Any extras are a bonus for you as we think it’s unfair to present you with an unknown sized bill at the end of the 12 months.

How much would I get refunded if you didn’t hit your targets?

This all depends on the size of your PR campaign and the KPIs set, below is an example:

Cost of PR Campaign per month: £2,000

Agreed 24 pieces of coverage over 12 months

Each piece of coverage is worth £1,000

You are refunded £1,000 for each piece we did not secure

If we achieve only 20 pieces of coverage in 12 months, we refund you £4,000

Is that example for national features? What if I only want regional features?

The price per coverage is based on a client with national news. Prices and KPIs vary if a client is not focussing on national coverage (regional/trade/blogs etc).


How can I get PBR?

To be considered for PBR you will need to apply to the team and explain why you think it would work for you and your business and what your objectives are. A team of PR professionals would then assess your business from a PR perspective including an audit of news in your sector or industry, an assessment of your competitors and research into previous PR campaigns within your sector. This information would be collated and used by the SBPR team to inform their recommendations.

Can I apply PBR to a one-off PR project instead of a 12-month PR campaign?

No, we only offer it on 12 month campaigns as these are more structured.

What is the minimum spend?

£2,000 minimum spend is solely for the PR Campaign itself and does not include the licenses, cuttings service or administration costs each month which are an additional £300 per month. VAT is also not included. The minimum spend per month would be £2,300+VAT.

Will I see features straight away?

No, and you won’t for the first three months. Features begin to come out in months 3-6 and the majority comes in months 6-12. This is due to the amount of set-up time involved in beginning a PR Campaign as well as the lead times of publications.