How to...Work With Bloggers

Did you know that bloggers can often be viewed as more trusted than celebrities, journalists, brands and politicians? In the digital world, bloggers are becoming more and more influential. While this is nothing new, recent research has shown that over 80% of all consumers will make a purchase after reading about the product on a blog. It has been known that 18-34 year olds ranked bloggers as their most valued and important sources of information.

Bloggers build a solid following by producing interesting content, quality images or articles on a regular basis. People trust these sources; they can relate to them and respect their opinions – as opposed to an advert.  Many brands now turn to influential bloggers to reach new audiences or to engage with consumers in a different way. These brands are collaborating with bloggers so that their messages are being told by a source that people recognise, respect and trust.

At Sunny Bird PR we have cultivated working relationships with prominent bloggers. Below are three examples of successful blogger campaigns that we have supported and driven sales for our clients:

Bliss Sanctuary for Women

Based in beautiful Bali, Bliss Sanctuary for Women is a stunning women’s only retreat designed to cater especially for women travelling unaccompanied or with a few friends. Bliss Sanctuary for Women is all about the freedom of finding your bliss, your way, whilst offering a variety of different packages to suit your needs.

Sunny Bird PR recommended key, online influencers be targetted and invited to visit and review Bliss on their blogs and social media platforms. We researched target Instagrammers and bloggers who fit the client’s demographic, negotiated their stay in terms of coverage and organised their visit.

These visits from Instagrammers and bloggers will result in social media posts across their various platforms and blog impressions in which followers will be educated about the sanctuary.


Regrowz, the UK’s first natural hair restoration product was looking for a way in which to educate potential consumers on its brand new product.

As Regrowz was a brand new product to the market, it needed to build consumer trust to get those all-important reviews. So, how do you get those initial reviews before the product is available to the consumer?

Sunny Bird PR targeted bloggers who were suffering with hair loss or thinning hair and asked if they wanted to take part in a six month trial of Regrowz. In return, bloggers gave us valuable assets such as headshots, feedback, Trustpilot reviews and video reviews to use on the Regrowz website, social media channels and within press.

As well as creating these assets, bloggers also wrote posts for their own blogs revealing the results to their followers.

The best blogger reviews were used as case studies in press, achieving even more coverage for the new Regrowz product with over 66 million people reading about the success of Regrowz from first-hand case studies in The Daily Mail Online and The Express Online.

The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

Our client, The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring, is a natural, non-invasive product to help reduce or stop snoring. We recommended that we target blogger and organise authentic product reviews to increase sales.

The most important event of the year for The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring is National Stop Snoring Week (24th – 28th April). The Sunny Bird PR team reached out to suitable bloggers asking them to review the ring in time for National Stop Snoring Week. To allow bloggers enough time to trial the product, trouble-shoot any problems and write a review, the Sunny Bird PR team contacted bloggers in March.

At the end of April, we had a host of blogger reviews with most posting their blog reviews during National Stop Snoring Week. A simple, yet effective way of achieving extra exposure and coverage for our client during the most important time of the year for the brand.

Our client said, "Following the brilliant coverage achieved by Sunny Bird PR our online sales and traffic doubled! We couldn't be happier!"

In summary, working with bloggers is invaluable when it comes to building consumer trust. As a final word of advice, remember to always be respectful of the bloggers you work with as this form of promotion can evolve into a long term relationship over time.

If you require support with an existing blogger campaign or wish to speak to us regarding a future blogger campaign, drop us a line at or give us a call on 01202 293095.