We proved that snoring is ruining the nation's sex lives.

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To create some 'new news' for our client, Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring, after the success of the clinical trial coverage.


The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring brand had successfully featured in all key press titles in recent months. The brand’s new objective was to create some new news as it wanted to keep up the momentum of press attention.


To execute an attention-grabbing PR campaign to prove how snoring affects relationships. The objective was to prove that the nation’s sex lives were suffering due to their partner’s snoring problems.

We commissioned a survey that looked into the sex and love lives of our nation’s snorers.

The survey revealed a whopping 30% of males admitted it took the spark out of their sex lives and 46.4 % of males felt embarrassed about their snoring.  One out of five males and females expressed that snoring put them off being intimate with their partner. The survey also revealed that as a result, 37% of snoring Brits were forced into separate bedrooms!

To add a real life element we also worked with case-studies who were happy to speak to the press about how snoring affected their sex lives and relationships.


On the back of our strategy we secured national PR coverage with the Daily Mail Online, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Mirror. Other titles included; Woman and Home, Top Santé, Prima, Take a Break, Pick Me Up, Health & Fitness, Closer, Bella, Natural Health, Chat and DIVA magazine amongst others.