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'Check out my Insta', 'Facebook me', 'follow me on Twitter', 'add me on Snapchat'

If these phrases aren’t featuring daily in your business phrases then they should be. 

Did you know that there are more than 500 million monthly active users on Instagram? That’s 500 million people that could be learning about your brand.

Alongside traditional media relations, companies now need to be looking at digital PR, social media management, video and film production, review centres and blogger relationships.

If a consumer can’t find anything about you online then they will find your competitors instead. It is that simple. An integrated approach is key for the perfect balance between digital and traditional PR. Our social media team work with a number of platforms to engage, educate and connect with your audience on a personal level every day.

What we do socially…and we are not talking about after work drinks…well unless you insist!


We can help build a community around your brand or product. To get this right requires authenticity and responsiveness – as well as creative thinking. We have helped companies build online and offline communities, harnessing the power of fandom and turning it into word of mouth marketing.

Content creation and seeding

Effective social media is all about creating and sharing great content. Whether it’s pre-launch teasers, behind the scenes videos, photos, audio or even something physical like a giveaway or a prize. We love using our creativity to build content strategies for our clients.


Sometimes brands want the added exposure that comes from being associated with social media celebrities. We can help you with paid placements, endorsements or reviews.

Measurement and analytics

Effective measurement is key to any social media, PR and marketing campaign; we work with you to define the real-world outcomes that define your social media strategy and then ensure there is a robust measurement and analysis plan in place. And to show our fun side, the charts come in any colour you want. We particularly like fuchsia!


With any social media marketing campaign, you need to have the right content for your audience. We work every day to connect our client’s brands with the right fans, followers and friends. Creating content that drives shares and engagement.


Not every social channel is right for every client. We can help you choose the right ones to fit your PR and marketing strategy and meet your business goals.


At Sunny Bird PR, we use Social Media to create a meaningful reaction. Our role is to get people doing something active as a result of the stories we tell – buying, joining, booking, liking, tweeting, sharing, thinking…