We gave press & celebrities 'Bliss On Their Terms' 



Bliss Sanctuary for Women is a female only retreat in Bali that came to us with the sole purpose of raising the profile of the sanctuary to women in the UK.


How could we make Bliss Sanctuary for Women stand out and gain press exposure alongside all of the other sanctuaries and retreats nationally and globally?


Our strategy to raise the profile of Bliss Sanctuary for Women within the UK was to reach out to celebrities and journalists and offer them the chance to review the sanctuary first-hand. We ensured that we approached suitable titles that were read by Bliss’ target demographic, whilst ensuring that the title had a high circulation.

With celebrities, we made sure to approach women that also fitted with the Bliss demographic and had a high social media following. As well as celebrities sharing their experiences on their own social media channels, we also secured print and online features within suitable weekly titles, which enabled them to cover the celebrity and their trip to Bliss Sanctuary for Women within the magazines.


Using our approach we have secured reviews, future reviews and round-ups in Modern Spa, Mirror Online, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Mirror (Ulster), Yoga Magazine Online, At Home Magazine Online, Veggie , Woman, The New Day, Soul & Spirit Magazine, Metro, Red Online, Bloc Magazine, OK Magazine, Woman and Home, Sunday Star, Cosmopolitan, Ahlan! Magazine, The Sun, The Irish Daily Mirror, The Irish Daily Mirror Online, The Scottish Sun, The Scottish Sun Online, Bella, The Telegraph, The Telegraph Online, The Mail on Sunday, Daily Mail Online, Closer, Essentials South Africa and Weight Watchers Magazine. We also profiled the owner and founder of Bliss, Zoe, in The Scotsman. Through our relationship with celebrity agents, both Arabella Weir and Josie Gibson visited Bliss on two separate trips covered on on their own social media channels as well as exclusive deals with the Mail on Sunday, Mail Online and Closer Magazine. In total we have achieved 54 pieces of coverage over a 12 month period with a total reach of 613,775,407 and an AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) of £577,950.