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For PR to be successful you need to be featured in press more than once. Drip-feeding journalists your brand or product over a long period of time will help you build brand recognition, increase sales and secure new customers. It is proven that it takes a customer absorbing your message seven times before they will act on it, so it's important to get in front of them at different touchpoints, whether that be on their Facebook feeds, listening to the radio on their morning commute or in their favourite magazine. Our Strategy Workshop will help you to get coverage on multiple channels, and get in front of those all-important customers more than just once.

Writing a strategy can be one of the most daunting elements of PR but it’s vital to ensuring a cohesive communications plan that is effective and gives you great tangible results. Creating a strategy is the first step in achieving brilliant PR results for your business or brand.

In a one on one session, we’ll help you create an easily-actionable PR plan that works alongside your busy timetables, making doing your own PR manageable and exciting!


Sunny Bird PR, The Garden Studio, Pine Grange, Bath Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 2PF


Strategy workshops are an hour and a half long. Select your preferred date on the booking page.


If you’re an entrepreneur doing your own PR, a PR student, marketer, events manager or just someone looking to create a communications plan

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The one on one session will be with a member of the Sunny Bird PR team, giving you time to talk about your ideas, your strategy and ask plenty of questions. We will show you real-life strategies that have got our clients excellent, long-term results for you to base your own on, such as the strategies that resulted in:

·         A listing for a client’s product in Fortnum and Mason

·         Increased website traffic by 3,535%

·         Boosted a sales by 850%

·         The BBC commissioning a documentary starring the client

·         Record-breaking Christmas sales

Are you ready to take your communications plan to the next level and learn more about how to create a results-driven strategy? If so, here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn during our strategy clinic:

·         What are the benefits of having a PR strategy?

·         Understanding and setting your objectives for your communications.

·         Who is your audience? We'll brainstorm a target audience profile with you to help you target your strategy.

·         Where is your audience? We’ll help you establish whether they’re reading blogs, checking Snapchat stories or reading The Times and how to get your brand in those places!

·         Getting creative – how to come up with new ideas for your PR strategy and how to have an effective brainstorm.

·         What is included in a PR strategy?

·         Developing your own strategy – how to create your strategy and make it work.

·         How to create a 12-month timeline and make it manageable and doable with your schedule.

·         How to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

What else you’ll receive on the day

·         Course information pack to take back to your business.

·         Strategy template, guidelines and examples.

·         Real-life example strategies that have achieved great results.

·         You'll go away with a 12-month strategy for your communications.

PR Strategy Workshop
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