5 Social Media Training Tips to Get You to the Top of the Newsfeed

 At Sunny Bird PR, we use social media to get our clients seen and heard over their competitors!

Our role is to get people doing something active as a result of the stories we tell – buying, joining, booking, liking, tweeting, sharing, thinking…

As 67% of the population are on social media, we think it’s an essential tool that you should be using for your business in order to attract new business, engage with your customers, showcase your products and build brand recognition. Plus – it’s free! If you’re not taking advantage of social, you’re missing a trick.

One thing you do need to be doing if you are on social media is keeping up to date, we always make sure we keep on top of the latest trends, new features and latest algorithms – for the sake of our clients and for our social media training course. We understand not everyone can make it to sunny Bournemouth for our courses, which is why we have pulled together some top tips that you can implement on your business channels to increase your engagement and get people talking about your business!


Tip 1 – Don’t do social – BE social!

This is a key theme throughout the course and is so important to consider when creating content and engaging with your audience. You can’t just schedule posts that talk about your business and your success and hope people will like, share and comment. In order to use social media to its full potential and get the most out of it for your business you need to ask questions and create content that inspires people to engage with it – is it brave? Is it newsworthy?


Tip 2 – Spend more time engaging

Did you know that you should be spending 20% of your time on social media broadcasting content and 80% engaging with your audience? That’s right! The algorithms across all the social channels favour engagement and posts that promote real life conversations between people and brands. This is important when scheduling in time for social, you need to make time each day to like and reply to comments on your posts and get involved with other accounts, ask questions, give feedback, and have real conversations.


Tip 3 – Prioritise video content

Are you making the most of your video assets across social media? Videos can grab attention and hook your audience; unlike a lengthy wordy post a video is easy to consume. 59% of people said that they find videos most engaging, compared to photos. You can film short videos using a smart phone which are perfect for social media, just make sure you scheduled time in to film them.


Tip 4 – Utilise evergreen content

We know… social media can be time consuming and can be the job that gets pushed to the bottom of the pile, but it doesn’t need to be this way! You can re-use photos and videos and re-share content you’ve previously posted that’s evergreen. Share case studies, testimonials, projects you’ve worked on over the years and schedule it in, so you don’t go weeks without posting and everyone is left wondering if you’ve closed down…


Tip 5 – Analyse your posts

How do you know what posts are performing well if you aren’t looking at the statistics!? It baffles us that some businesses just post and hope for the best. During our course we will show you exactly how to look at your analytics, compare your statistics to your competitors and work out which posts are performing well. This will impact what you post about go forward and hopefully overtime you will have the perfect mix of posts that people love to hear about and engage with.


We understand hiring a social media agency can be expensive for businesses who haven’t got the social media knowledge to do it themselves, which is why we host affordable half day courses at our offices in beautiful Bournemouth, Dorset. The event provides you with endless ideas to take away and implement on your own social media which are guaranteed to get you to the TOP of your clients’ newsfeed.

Our ‘Reaching Millions’ Social Media Course. will teach you everything you need to know about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as everything from paid for advertising to organic reach and all the jargon in between. The course is jam packed with useful social media tips, essential tools to use and creative ideas.

Come along and learn how to up your game on social media and beat your competitors! Sign up to our next Social Media Course in Bournemouth on 23rd August at - https://www.sunnybirdpr.com/social-media-course.