Work Experience Week


Work experience is a key step in choosing the right career and we believe that it’s important to give students the chance to understand an office environment. As a company we are very keen on giving students experience as we understand it is essential for self-development and securing a job in the future. During National Work Experience Week, the SBPR team welcomed 14 year old Tom from Twynham School and 15 year old Louise from Bournemouth Collegiate. We asked them both to write a blog at the end of each day to see how they were finding agency life and here’s what they thought…

Tom’s Day 1 blog really showed how the SBPR agency  can make a valuable first impression “I found my first day really enjoyable with the access to free drinks supplied for you”, and the kitchen continued to strike a chord with Tom as on Day 3 he went on to explain that SBPR had ‘good kitchen facilities’. Luckily Tom was equally impressed with the rest of the office too “my first impression on Sunny Bird PR is that it is very bright and vibrant and very fun.” Louise also had a great first day: “My experience on the first day was wonderful, everyone was very welcoming and friendly, and the working environment was very happy and relaxed.”

Before the teens arrived, we reached out to brands via social media and invited them to send their teen products into the office for Tom and Louise to review live on the SBPR social channels. Companies all over the country jumped at the chance and before long SBPR HQ was inundated with books, beauty products, food and drink products for them to try and review.

Louise was very pleased with this task “I got a lot of freebies to review and try out which I think is awesome!”, Tom wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about the beauty products but discovered a silver lining: “I wrote a review for a lip balm I got,” he said “but I gave it to my girlfriend because I didn’t want it and she did.” While the lip balm wasn’t a hit with Tom, he did make a fashion statement in the office by wearing the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring every day.

We have a team lunch every Wednesday and this week we took the whole team to Flirt Café in the centre of Bournemouth which was very well received! Tom flexed his new PR muscles and proved that he was already thinking like a PR Pro: “I had BBQ pulled pork nachos and 3 bowls of chips, this was very tasty, so I wrote a review of the café and posted it on Twitter to create good publicity.”

Another team activity that went down well was our SBPR team yoga sessions, we have these twice a week with the amazing Lillie. Louise was brave enough to join us and experience her first ever yoga session: “I took part in a yoga session that the team do on Thursday lunch time. I have never done yoga before and honestly it was so relaxing. I felt sleepy during it as the lights were off and we had this special oil on that smelt so good. I think I might take up yoga class once a week, I feel like it will help me with things like stress, exam pressure and just general life situations that aren’t too good.”

Tom and Louise had a great week with us at Sunny Bird PR and we really enjoyed having them with us in the office. Aside from lunch, drinking free coffee, and reviewing products, Tom and Louise did an impressive job in learning the fundamentals of PR. They both wrote engaging press releases, created brilliant social media posts, developed a strong understanding of media types and helped prepare for the Miss Dorset final by organising over 250 goody bags. We hope they learnt some valuable skills that they can take forward through school and in their future careers.  

Sunny Bird PR’s Top 10 from 2016

2016 was an incredible year for Sunny Bird PR. Not only did we rebrand but we raised the bar when it came to achieving brilliant PR results for our clients. 2017 is set to be a fantastic year and we are already off to a flying start. We thought we’d share with you our top 10 from 2016 and we also have some very exciting news to share, read on to the end to find out!

In the words of Craig David: “re-re-wind…”

1)      We turned three years old and the PR team expanded. We gained Louise (Head of Strategy), Lizzie (Account Manager), Sian (Account Executive), Natalie Brown (Senior Journalist & PR Consultant), Katy (Well-being Officer and PT) and we are no longer an all-female office as we gained a man in the shape of Darren (Head Designer). Find out more about the new staff here. To celebrate our third birthday, the team threw themselves off of Bournemouth Pier! But don’t panic, as we had secure harnesses and hard hats.  We spent a sunny, summer day zooming down a high speed zip wire. Trust me; it’s scarier than it looks. Take a look at our Instagram here to see Lucy flying through the air.

2)      This year saw us move offices. We now have an amazing, spacious office that is just five minutes away from the beach. Brighter, bigger and better with lots of room for growth – our office embodies the Sunny Bird PR brand with bright colours and stand-out branding. Located in the centre of town, we love being here and welcome visitors so do feel free to pop in for a chat.



3)      We had a makeover. Not only did we spread our PR wings and grow from Little Bird PR into Sunny Bird PR but we now have some great signage, personalised business cards (chosen by the team) and a brand new sparkly website. Make sure you check it out here.


4)      Lights, camera, action! From promotional videos for hair brand Regrowz, ‘a day in the life of a cataracts sufferer’ for Ramsay Health Care UK and sourcing the nation’s best fatherly advice for thortful. Not only did we get the opportunity to script write, direct and produce some great video content, but we secured some brilliant PR coverage on the back of it too.

5)      We did numerous presentations and events last year including ‘how to do PR on a shoestring budget’ for the Grocery Accelerator Scheme and what ‘national press are looking for’ for our client Ramsay Health Care UK PR and Marketing teams. We organised a successful seminar for Greenwood Campbell by inviting key, local businesses, booking inspirational speakers and creating important networking time which won Greenwood Campbell fantastic new business as a result.

6)      At Sunny Bird PR our relationships with journalists are paramount. Last year we amassed over 150 one to one media meetings to introduce press to our brilliant clients. 

7)      Conker Spirit mingled with the stars! We organised for Conker Spirit to sponsor the ‘Q Hero Award’ at the official Q Music Awards in London! Conker Spirit had free sponsorship of the high profile event and it was the ONLY gin at the ceremony as well as the VIP after-party. This partnership also achieved over 160 pieces of coverage for our favourite gin!

8)      We smashed it out the park with countless national newspaper exclusives for our clients last year. From an undercover investigation at a pre-school for Naturelly to a Facebook social experiment on teeth and dating for Brighton Implant Clinic. We created some brilliant headlines for our clients. Check out some of our work here.

9)      In 2016 we introduced two, new weekly activities for staff. Jacket Potato Wednesdays enable us to catch up as a team whilst indulging in some beans, cheese or caviar (if you are Lucy). On Thursday’s we burn off the potato from the day before with a high impact boxing class. A team that trains together stays together!

10)      December was the icing on the cake for us here at Sunny Bird PR. Our website launched, we held an amazing Christmas party, Rian got engaged and Sunny announced her pregnancy! 2017 is set to be an eventful and successful year and we can’t wait to meet baby Bird in May.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us from Little Bird PR through to Sunny Bird PR.

(and thanks for making it to the end of this blog post – we know who you are and we will reward you when you least expect it!)

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