Clientversary: BBX UK

BBX Logo.png

This month we are celebrating our one year ‘clientversary’ with the team at BBXUK!

We began working with BBXUK back in September 2018, when they came to us to promote the online business tool to the media and raise their profile as a community whereby users can exchange their goods and services with others on the platform.

Over the past 12 months SBPR has worked on a strategy designed to keep BBUK in the media all year long. As part of that strategy, the team at SBPR have sourced BBXUK case studies to pitch to press, have come up with a number of creative feature ideas designed to highlight BBXUK as an option for SMEs, and have profiled key members of the team to position BBX as an expert in the industry.

SBPR has achieved 16 pieces of coverage in total for BBXUK over the past year in targeted business and franchise titles as well as consumer publications. Coverage has been featured in key business, trade and franchising titles such as Global Franchise Magazine, Real Business, Elite Business, Elite Franchise Magazine, and UK Fundraising as well as some prominent consumer coverage in titles such as the Mail Online by pitching a case study of a couple who used BBXUK to save £20,000 on their dream wedding. This feature proves that B2B clients can secure space in consumer media, this feature alone reached over 2 million people and had an advertising equivalent of over £53,000!

BBX wedding.png

The SBPR team have thoroughly enjoyed working with such a prestigious franchise and cannot wait to continue working with BBXUK for the next 12 months.

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