The Newbies


We have been very fortunate to find two excellent new additions to the team and as their second week with us draws to a close, we wondered what their impressions had been so far entering our crazy, busy colourful world… so we asked them…


My first week at Sunny Bird can be summed up in three words: exciting, fast and boozy! I was expecting an easy few weeks of settling in but that was definitely not the case as the hard-work began first thing on Monday. With targets for achieving coverage for each of our clients, we hit the phones and emails hard to make sure we had a brilliant update for them at the end of the week.

Tuesday saw a seriously exciting team brainstorm for our client, Sarah Ali Choudhury, which involved a LOT of hand waving and squealing. Now the hard work begins as we turn our ideas into a reality, but I’m seriously excited for that sell-in. Watch this space…

I’ve been well and truly wined and dined this week, with team welcome cocktails taking place at the Green House Hotel (which may have resulted in a bus ride home) and a lovely lunch with Alex to catch up on all the Sunny Bird PR goss.


It’s also been great meeting my clients, Tara from the Venus Awards and Sarah Ali Choudhury, both of whom are fantastic, inspirational women that I’m really looking forward to working with. I’m also super excited to be working on Mr Lee’s Noodles and the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring. I have plenty of experience in food PR but not any with anti-snoring gadgets, so this will definitely be something new for me! So far I’ve found that sell-in particularly fun (Father’s Day gift guides, anyone?) and I’ve loved exercising my food journo knowledge to confirm three great pieces of coverage for Mr Lee’s.

Plus, I took over the SBPR Twitter account! Obviously, I put my stamp on it with a Love Island poll and by getting our office buddy, Robin to do backflips in our PR Opportunity of the Day posts. We even got a retweet from one of my favourite publications, Notebook! Make sure you follow us on @sunnybirdpr as I’ll be posting all of the behind-the-scenes gossip from the office.


So far it seems that the SBPR team work hard AND play hard, so I’m looking forward to relaxing with some post-work Friday drinks with the team tonight after a brilliant week!


Before I even started, I was already ecstatic about how short my new 5-minute commute was and how close the offices were to the beach! I bumped in to fellow newbie Georgie on my way in, we introduced ourselves and headed on in.


The team welcomed us with open arms and we settled in to our new desk spaces. The SBPR team were all so friendly and welcoming, I instantly felt at home. We wasted no time and went straight in to the weekly Monday morning meeting. The SBPR Monday meetings are a great way to reflect on what we achieved last week, set goals for the upcoming week, go through our selected newspapers and highlight any key articles that caught our eye or that are relevant to our clients, and talk about our chosen PR campaign of the week.


I also found out that I’d be working with the lovely Alex and which clients we would be working on together, and to my delight that included some of my favourite local brands Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and Conker Gin! Woohoo!

Over the week I got stuck in calling national journalists and pitching our client’s latest news, such as the newly launched Jimmy’s products and Conker Gin for World Gin Day and Father’s Day features. I took part in creative meetings to come up with new ideas for clients, and new angles for existing campaigns to target media with. I spoke to and sent product samples to TV producers, came up with PR opportunities of the day for our own social media, and went on a site visit to an upcoming client launch event.

One thing that I was particularly looking forward to was the famous JACKET POTATO WEDNESDAYS – which did not disappoint. Beans, cheese, salad, you name it we had it. This was a perfect way for me and Georgie to get to know the others over a relaxed lunch, whilst eating a delicious home-cooked spud from Sunny. We also took a trip to the Green House Hotel later in the week to see their new Eco-garden terrace and sample a cocktail (or five!) in the sun.

In social news, I have been handed the very important reins to the SBPR Instagram channel (no pressure!). I’ve been working hard on creating the colourful looking grid, with exciting and relevant content to grab attention from followers and so far, so good – have a look and see how you think I’m doing (@sunnybirdpr).


I’m so excited about growing my career at SBPR, elevating my PR knowledge and working with exciting brands. The team are amazing at exceeding their targets and achieving results for their clients, but definitely know how to kick back and have a good time!