Journalist of the Month


Helen Knapman is the Acting Editor of Moneywise and unsurprisingly this has resulted in Helen living and breathing the money saving way of life; from mystery dining to get free meals out, regularly switching to nab the best telecoms, energy, and current account deals, and of course, always bringing in her trusty (and cheap) packed lunch. Helen took five minutes out from her money-saving life hacks to answer the Sunny Bird PR questions:

1. What are the 5 words that best describe you? A hardworking, inquisitive, fun, chocoholic

2. What magazine do you love reading and why? Well it would have to be the magazine I work for, of course, Moneywise. We make money interesting and accessible so readers can learn how to save more and make more with our coverage of the latest personal finance and investing news, advice, and recommendations.

3. What is your favourite book? I grew up reading the Harry Potter series and I was such a fan of JK Rowling’s enchanting world that I was one of those bookworms queuing up at midnight, waiting for the latest book in the series to drop. But before you ask, no, I didn’t take it as far as dressing up as wizard/witch.

4. Which song makes you dance? One dance by Drake.

5. What has been your best career moment? I was super proud to win Online Money Journalist of the Year at the Santander Media Awards in 2013. However, whenever a reader writes in to say thank you and that our advice has helped them in some way, that also makes it all worthwhile.

6. What advice would you give your 20 year old self? Have more self-belief, although that’s something you’re only really going to learn with age so it’s a bit of a catch-22 situation!

7. Where are you happiest? Anywhere the sun is shining and I’m surrounded by friends.

8. Who would be your number one dinner guest be and why? As a journalist, I’ve always wanted to learn Louis Theroux’s secrets – his ability to get people to share their stories is incredible.

9. If you could have any superpower, what power would it be and why? To fly – not only would it be fantastically fun (at least I imagine it would be as I obviously don’t know) but also practical – bye bye pricey air and train fares as well as dull and tiring long-distance journeys.

10. If you had to ask us one question what would it be? Who would be your number one dinner guest?

This is a tough one (sorry for asking you first!), after much humming and hawwing here are our answers...

Sunny - Only one is too hard, I'd invite Robin Williams as he was such a wonderfully creative man and actor, Pablo Picasso as I was fascinated by his blue era, Michelle Mone as I think she would be a laugh, Richard Branson as I've heard he has a wicked sense of humour, Amy Shumer as she seems down to earth, Joan Rivers as she was so hilariously straight and one more, Adele as she likes a drink and seems super fun!

Lizzie - Queen Elizabeth I, she's my favourite, I would have so many questions for her but may end up just staring at her leaden face and wooden chest!

Anya - Michelle Obama because she's amazing and a global role model.

Alex - Salvador Dali, I would love to sit down and listen to him talk about what inspired him and his world of surrealism which has gone on to inspire so many.

Karin - Louis Theroux too because he's met so many amazing people and is bound to have some incredible stories that I don't already know from watching his shows.

Lu - David  Attenborough, he is a living legend, I could listen to him talk all day.

Emma - Noel Gallagher as he's smart and funny in equal measure, I bet he would have some great stories to tell and he might even play us some music!


We think if we put all these together we'd have a pretty wild party!!