We brought home the bacon for our client!


Male grooming brand, Wingman, came to us wanting us to create an exciting story that would attract male consumers whilst presenting them as a fun, adventurous male grooming brand that’s different from the competition.


Wingman didn’t have a new offering in terms of product and the press had already been introduced to the existing range. We needed to create ‘new news’ that would get people talking about Wingman and get the grooming brand back onto their radar.


One of the best-selling shower gels in the Wingman range is the Jet Fuel fragrance. To piggy-back on the success of this unusually scented product, we created and commissioned a survey that looked to find out “what unusual smells the nation are drawn to? And why?”

The results showed that bacon was one of the top rated smells for UK men so we created a fake limited edition shower gel that came with a bacon fragrance. A mock-up of the bottle was created so that we had professional imagery for press, we had professional photography of the founders taken whilst eating bacon sandwiches and we sourced expert psychological comment on the phenomenon of unusual smells and why they appeal to certain people. This then acted as a strong supporting asset to offer journalists.

We then pitched this as an exclusive story to key national tabloids that the Wingman consumer regularly reads.


This activity resulted in some amazing coverage being achieved in multiple national newspapers, including; Mirror Online, Express Online, Daily Star and Daily Star Online – reaching over 1,526,023 readers! One of the headlines even graced popular panel show, Have I Got News For You - a bacon making success!