We helped people find the right words to say.


UK card company thortful, wanted to drum up some positive brand awareness that was in-line with their core brand value of ‘being thoughtful’.


To create a unique and topical PR opportunity that would enable thortful to be discussed multiple times within the media and to raise the profile of the brand in a positive way. A backlink was essential to give thortful valuable web traffic from readers, who may then become potential thortful card customers.


We created a breast cancer awareness campaign to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We led with the idea of, ‘What do you say to a loved one who is suffering with cancer when a ‘Get Well Soon’ card doesn’t cut it?’

We teamed up with cancer charity, Breast Cancer Haven, and curated a range of thortful cards that would help people find the right words to say to someone who’s going through breast cancer. We reached out to a thortful creative who has previously gone through treatment and had designed a range of cards that fitted in with the concept. By having a case study, it added depth and a human angle to the campaign and also enabled us to link back to her card designs on the thortful website.

A collection of thortful card designs, by various creators, was also curated for the limited edition charity card collection and a number of them were edited to be pink to ensure a good chance of a thortful card being selected for a product placement page or round-up.


Impressive coverage was generated off the back of this PR campaign. thortful was featured in print in the Metro multiple times and on Elle Online, Mashable, Independent Online, Glamour, Good To Know, News Flirt, Fresh Cancer News and during a live debate on BBC Radio Scotland.  It drummed up a lot of positive conversation and buzz around the thortful brand and the Mashable post was shared over 900 times. Backlinks were included in the majority of coverage which boosted the overall traffic to the thortful homepage, leading potential customers straight to the thortful website.

The campaign generated coverage with a total reach of over 71 million.