How a PR Team Creates Creative Campaigns



To launch a Bournemouth-based contemporary art gallery in a fun and inspirational way. As part of the launch campaign we created Bournemouth’s Biggest Ever Street Art in the form of a giant superhero painted on Pier Approach. This was the first phase in the series of creative projects designed to position the gallery as forward-thinking and engaged with the community. By undertaking projects in Bournemouth’s public spaces, the gallery aligned itself with the community and the council ensuring that it was not only well-known but trusted and respected.


After the super-sized success of the first public art project, the challenge was to create an art stunt with the same amount of coverage and exposure (if not more) than before.


The second phase started with a creative brainstorm with the Sunny Bird PR team where The Selfie Wall was born. Examples from Liverpool and Los Angeles had been found where the city had allowed huge walls to be painted by artists which were specifically designed for people to have their photo taken in front of.

With Bournemouth’s famous Arts University, Arts Festival and fun seaside location we thought this project could work brilliantly in Bournemouth too.

The first steps with this project saw us meeting with the council on numerous occasions to firstly pitch the idea and concept to them which they loved. The next round of meetings were all about site evaluations; what sites did they have available for the project and how suitable were they.


Stretching from Southbourne to Sandbanks, the Selfie Wall trail consists of 11 brilliant art pieces and achieved regional and national coverage in print and online as well as extensive social media exposure for the new gallery.




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