We More Than Doubled Our Yearly Coverage Results And Boosted Website Traffic And Brand Exposure!

The brief

Ramsay Health Care UK is a private health care company whose primary objective is to be seen as a trusted and responsible, expert-led health care company. One of the key PR objectives was to secure backlinks to lead the readers back to Ramsay’s website and boost their SEO.

The solution

PR campaigns in the world of private healthcare can be quite challenging for a number of reasons but through careful liaison with our client and the media the Sunny Bird PR team managed to achieve consistent results. Below are just a few of the ways in which we have created a constant drip-feed effect of positive coverage…

Back Care Awareness Week

One of Ramsay’s yearly focuses was to boost awareness of its spinal surgeries on offer. To meet this objective we created a back care feature which could be positioned during Back Care Awareness Week, and also rolled it out to health titles throughout the year. The feature included shocking statistics on how much time off work is caused by back pain, exercises to do at home to help minimise back pain accompanied by photography giving the reader step-by-step instructions for the exercises.

As back care is so relatable to readers, this campaign was featured in 23 titles including the Mail Online, Bt.com and Woman & Home with a total reach of over 3 million people.


When faced with no ‘new news’ or procedures to take to the press, we decided to create a campaign that highlights one of the key benefits of private health care – access to specialists for specific problems. To do this, we created a PR campaign that highlighted the nine most commonly misdiagnosed illnesses and had the information turned into an educational infographic. We then sourced an emotive female case study and consultant advice on ‘what to do if you feel you’ve been misdiagnosed?’.

We secured a national exclusive on the Mail Online and a further four pieces of national coverage, reaching over 5 million people.

New Year, New You

Weight loss surgery is one of Ramsay Health Care UK’s key focuses so we decided to create a human interest piece on the emotional effects of weight gain and commissioned a survey that highlighted the ways in which weight gain can affect your life, your career and your relationships. Female case studies, whose stories backed up the survey findings were sourced and expert tips were sourced from a Ramsay Health Care UK nutritionist. This feature was covered four times in January by the Mail Online, Express.co.uk, Netdoctor and BT.com with a total reach of over 6 million people.

Age Guide to Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is very often in the press for the wrong reasons but as another of Ramsay’s key focuses our challenge was to achieve positive coverage. Referring to Ramsay’s key messaging we focussed on the responsible and educational angle with this campaign and produced an informative age guide to cosmetic surgery.

We worked with Ramsay’s cosmetic surgeons to compile a list of the most common procedures along with a guide to the procedure including what exactly was involved, the recovery time and what age the surgeon recommended having the procedure.

We researched angles and pegs for the feature and found a celebrity hook; Kylie Jenner admitted that she’d had lip fillers too young. The Telegraph then featured our age guide along with our Ramsay consultant quotes. The article presented Ramsay exactly as we had intended as the provider of responsible and reputable cosmetic surgery. The feature was also covered on the Mail Online and the NZ Online resulting in an incredible reach of 18.5 million people.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

We started with the headline we wanted to see in the newspaper itself and then built a strong bank of assets to support it. Knowing that the Mail Online is quite a visual platform, we created an exclusive infographic that detailed the signs of bowel cancer that are often overlooked. This asset was educational, yet enabled us to provide a direct link back to the company website with a picture credit.

This, combined with an expert comment and gripping survey statistics, resulted in the Mail Online running the piece in advance of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Once this was secured we then rolled it out to further online titles, which resulted in 13 pieces of national coverage. Not only did this boost the awareness of Ramsay Health Care UK within the national newspapers, but it boosted the website traffic by 208% resulting in over 447 million people being exposed to Ramsay Health Care UK and meeting the client’s objective of boosting their SEO and gaining coverage in their target title.

Comment & Quote Opportunities

Ramsay Health Care UK has a number of amazing consultants and specialists. In the last two years we have been able to put them forward for key comment opportunities in titles such as; The Guardian and The Telegraph, as well as women’s monthly magazines such as Yours and men’s fitness titles. Every time a quote has been secured it boosts Ramsay’s reputation of being an expert within the private health care sector.

The outcome

By working with Ramsay’s key focuses and marrying these up with awareness days and topical times of year, the team has achieved 74 pieces of coverage in target titles for Ramsay’s demographic.