We achieved national coverage that reached over 447 million people.


Ramsay Health Care UK gave us the challenge of creating a national story that would run within the national media and boost the website’s SEO, as well as boosting the overall awareness of the brand and the medical services they offer. The target title was the Mail Online due to its phenomenal reach.


How could we make a private health care provider exciting and topical, whilst giving target journalists a story that they couldn’t say no to?


We knew that with the right tools and an exciting bank of assets we could create a story that a journalist would be desperate to get their hands on.

Our research found that April was Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, making a good peg for Ramsay Health Care UK. We started with the headline we wanted to see in the newspaper itself and then built a strong bank of assets to support it. Knowing that the Mail Online is quite a visual platform, we created an exclusive infographic that detailed the signs of bowel cancer that are often overlooked.

This asset was informative, yet enabled us to provide a direct link back to the company website with a picture credit. We then created and executed a survey to over 1,000 people asking them if they would recognise the symptoms of bowel cancer and if they would do anything about them. This enabled us to source attention-grabbing statistics to add to our press release. Finally we rounded off our assets with an expert comment from a Ramsay Health Care UK Bowel Cancer specialist. This enabled us a further opportunity to secure the Ramsay Health Care UK name within the piece.

We approached the Mail Online and offered them the exclusive story. This resulted in the Mail Online running the piece in advance of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Once this was secured we then rolled it out to further online titles, which resulted in the Express Online, Metro, Good Housekeeping, the Sun Online, The Irish Sun and The Scottish Sun featuring the story with an overall reach of over 447,858,098 people.


Within two weeks of placing the exclusive story within the Mail Online we managed to secure a further 13 pieces of high circulation coverage including a second feature in the Mail Online. Not only did this boost the awareness of Ramsay Health Care UK within the national newspapers, but it boosted the website traffic by 208%.

An extremely successful campaign – resulting in over 447 million people being exposed to Ramsay Health Care UK and meeting the client’s objective of boosting their SEO and gaining coverage in their target title.