How we raised the profile of an emerging artist and designer

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Phaedra Peer is an artist, illustrator and designer with her own fashion brand – Creep Like Me.  Having made an initial impact on the fashion industry, and popular amongst celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Lottie Moss, Phaedra came to SBPR to capitalise on her success and further increase awareness of her clothing range and herself as an artist in the media.


As a unique fashion brand competing for space in a highly competitive industry and a world of online shops, the challenge was to highlight Phaedra’s USPs– her tongue-in-cheek designs and self-depreciating art -to secure articles in the mainstream media.


The team used Phaedra’s USPs, connections with celebrities and strong imagery to attract media attention.

We approached national newspapers, women’s titles, art magazines and LGBT titles, tailoring each pitch to what would resonate with the publication and its readers the most, whether it was the female empowerment items, celebrity involvement or the more humorous pieces relating to ‘anti-valentines’.  

To secure coverage we used topical hooks such as Valentine’s Day and Barbie’s 60th Birthday which resonated with Phaedra as most of her art featured children’s characters. We launched a campaign called ‘Barbie at 60’ which was centred around Phaedra painting an image of what Barbie would look like today if she was real. We secured coverage by offering journalists interviews with Phaedra herself to further promote her involvement and the woman behind the art.

The team also created a targeted list of additional celebrities and influencers to approach to see if they would be interested in wearing the Creep Like Me clothing and featuring it on their social media channels. We sent items to various influencers and celebrities, which resulted in Love Island’s Samira Mighty taking multiple social media videos of the swimsuit on her trip to Bali.

To further raise Phaedra’s profile, the team interviewed Phaedra and created a personal profile which we pitched to press to introduce her to the media. We also researched potential gallery exhibitions and brand collaborations to set up meetings for Phaedra.


In just three months we secured 12 pieces of coverage, including national coverage in both The Sun and the Mail Online which included a back link to the Creep Like Me website!

We also secured interview opportunities for Phaedra’s close friend Lottie Moss in Grazia and Daily Express to talk about the fashion brand.

In total, the coverage reached almost 4 million people which would have cost over £90,000 if the same space was bought in advertising!

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