How SBPR Helped a Local Charity Support Its Volunteers



Oakhaven Hospice came to SBPR asking for guidance and support with the charity’s annual Away Day at Careys Manor. The Oakhaven team wanted to work on cohesive messaging so that every single person within the organisation from the shop volunteers to the directors were using the same language when talking about the charity to the public.


The SBPR team were invited to Careys Manor to run a mini-workshop to help all employees and volunteers within the charity identify the key messages and to talk about positive communication.


The SBPR team worked closely with the Oakhaven Hospice team on those key messages and how the charity wanted to be perceived. With this in mind, the SBPR team then created the mini-workshop focusing on how to identify those messages and how to communicate them positively.


The Away Day was an informative and positive day for all attendees, the SBPR team delivered the mini-workshop to an audience of over 250 employees and volunteers. The workshop was designed to be interactive and engaging. The mini-workshop included 10 positive ways to improve your body language, positive vocal language and key messaging.