We went undercover in a pre-school and conducted an exclusive sugar investigation.


Our client, founder of Naturelly Jelly Juice, is passionate about healthy children’s food and drink products. He launched his very own product, Naturelly, when he grew frustrated with the amount of sugar in food and drink products that were being targeted at children.


How do we position the brand as caring about the sugar content in children’s food and drink, adding authenticity to the brand and positioning the founder as an opinion former within the industry?


The Sunny Bird PR team cultivated a number of creative strategies to gain this all important reputation and subsequent coverage:

The creative campaign positioned the founder of Naturelly as a concerned father of two who had undertaken a secret investigation to highlight the sugar content in children’s lunchboxes. We sent the founder into a children's pre-school to investigate the contents of children's lunchboxes and evaluate the sugar content inside them. The aim of the piece was to add authenticity to his brand and to position the founder as an authority on children's nutrition as well as to educate mums in the hope of creating potential Naturelly Jelly Juice consumers. We created a bank of exclusive assets that included; over 150 photographs of children’s lunchboxes over a one week period, shocking sugar content analysis, expert nutritionist comment on the harmful effects of sugar on children, a case study, interview with the pre-school owner and an interview with the company founder.

The Sunny Bird PR team launched the Naturelly product to press in a targeted manner with a thorough media audit to ensure the positioning of the product was on brand. One to one media meetings were arranged with these target titles enabling the Sunny Bird PR team to meet key journalists face to face, giving them time to try the drink and explain the USPs.

An extensive and targeted outreach to bloggers was crucial for the Naturelly campaign as the rise of mummy bloggers has positioned them as a voice of authority and a trusted opinion former for consumers. The Sunny Bird team researched suitable mummy bloggers and contacted each one personally to introduce Naturelly, which was then followed by products and reviews by the bloggers.


This combination of creative strategies was incredibly successful securing Naturelly national coverage in high circulation titles and establishing the founder as the expert on children’s nutrition and exposed the brand to over 400,000,000 readers.

The creative campaign resulted in the Mail Online and The Express covering the lunchbox investigations, the product launch achieved coverage in titles such as OK Magazine, Real People, Woman & Home, Bella and many more. The outreach to bloggers secured Naturelly’s reputation as a trusted brand with mums all around the country who posted and shared positive reviews on the product. Over the course of 11 months we secured coverage with an advertising equivalent in value to £708,325!