How we got 1,000 sign-ups through a social media campaign



The SBPR team were instructed by the Macular Society to create a social media campaign to raise awareness of macular disease and promote their free Sight Matters Kit, during National Eye Health Week 2018. The Sight Matters kit included an Amsler grid to test your vision, a free eye test voucher and information on how to protect your eyesight.


Macular Society tasked us with achieving a total of 1,000 sign-ups for their free Sight Matters Kit via their website during September, the month of National Eye Health Week. 

SBPR were asked to create a social media campaign using the charity’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels to direct users to the website to order their kits. This was through both organic posts and paid-for social media advertising.


SBPR researched macular disease and the issues surrounding it, to create a series of branded and engaging content across all three channels. We targeted women aged 40-65+ based on the large number of women this age who suffer from visual impairment.

We chose content aimed at the target audience which included images and text relating to eye health, family, fitness and well-being. SBPR used the yellow and black branding of Macular Society and created eye catching graphics to make them stand out, using the brand’s font and aligning all text to the left to help those with sight difficulties to view the posts.

For the Facebook advertising, we launched a split test to assess the performance of three different advertising creatives, the split test was used to dictate the rest of the campaign and maximise results. Using creatives and audience targeting in line with our successful split test, we extended the campaign over the course of a month to achieve great results!


As a result of our split testing and targeted approach, we achieved an amazing 1,728 link clicks through to the website in just one month and exceeded our target of 1,000 people signing up and ordering their Sight Matters Kit!

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