We got 'Bums On Seats' for a regional tech talk that resulted in a new business win for our client.


Greenwood Campbell came to us for support in getting a number of high profile regional businesses to attend its digital masterclass seminar in Bournemouth. We were also enlisted to help source key speakers for the event who would interest and inspire the attendees. The aim of this event was to provide a regional networking opportunity and to potentially secure new client interest for Greenwood Campbell.


How can we get digitally focused companies in the local area to attend an event outside of work hours at Greenwood Campbell’s office?


The team researched and sourced over 200 local companies that met the criteria of being a potential Greenwood Campbell client – the companies needed to be innovative and have their eyes open when it came to how important digital elements can be for business growth.

Invitations were issued to each company. It is a common rule of thumb with an attendee list that two thirds will drop out on the day, so a thorough follow up was conducted to ensure a high rate of attendance.

The team then sourced two key note speakers that would inspire the attendees. We secured both The Training Rooms and Wingman who demonstrated their expertise in knowing their consumer and can clearly be seen as having shaped their business around the consumer’s digital needs.

Finally, we rounded off the project post-event by securing coverage in local regional titles, to highlight the seminar and also to draw attention to future events taking place in the near future.


This activity resulted in over 50 companies attending the seminar and it led to over 1.5 hours of networking time. The event created new business opportunities for the client which secured interest from a number of local companies, as well as a big client win for Greenwood Campbell.