We gave press something to smile about with 'new' news!


Our aim was to achieve national coverage for Brighton Implant Clinic, an award winning group of dental clinics across the south coast of the UK. The clinics’ founder wanted to raise public awareness of the dental implant service the clinics provide.


There was no new news so how were we going to get the press to feature Brighton Implant Clinic?


We conceptualised three creative strategies aimed to achieve that all important national coverage over a period of six months:

Social Experiment – We used two models (one male, one female) on a dating website, we created two identical profiles for each of them with just one difference – the teeth. We digitally altered one set of photos for each profile to make them have missing and discoloured teeth. We then uploaded each profile for a week and monitored the results. We also commissioned a survey on the impact of bad teeth on potential relationships.

Case Study – We found a suitable case study who had lost her confidence when she lost most of her teeth. We organised for the case study to go to Brighton Implant Clinic to receive free treatment and a brand new set of teeth. We commissioned before and after photography of the case study and interviewed her to create a heart-warming real life story ready for press.

Press Reviews – We reached out to journalists from target titles offering them the opportunity to review the procedures available from Brighton Implant Clinic.


The Social Experiment achieved national coverage on the Mail Online as well as a radio interview with the founder of Brighton Implant Clinics on Talk Radio, following on from the Mail covering the story. The Case Study was featured on The Mirror Online as well as women’s titles and some trade titles. Press Reviews have resulted in 15 pieces of coverage all reviewing the journalists’ experiences at Brighton Implant Clinic. In total we achieved a reach of over 101,545,303 over the course of six months and an AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) of over £62,000.