How we made our client’s diet plan more sought after than its competitors

Barbara Cox

Barbara Cox


Celebrity nutritionist and author Barbara Cox enlisted the help of the SBPR team to promote the launch of her new weight loss programme, The 4 Keys to Weight Loss. The team’s objective was to encourage people to sign up for the programme which promises clients will lose up to two stone in 90 days.


With so many fitness and diet programmes out there, how would SBPR make The 4 Keys to Weight Loss stand out and why would potential clients choose this over others on the market? An additional challenge was the fact the team did not have access to before and after transformation images, which is often a powerful asset when pitching to the press.


To secure coverage in such a competitive space, we knew we needed to give publications and their readers something of value. We decided to reach out to national newspapers, women’s magazines and food publications with an exclusive week plan from the programme including recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner accompanied by strong imagery. By offering journalists an array of assets and advice from Barbara, who had built a name for herself working with the likes of Sharon Osbourne and Leona Lewis, we were able to secure national press coverage for the programme.

To highlight other aspects of the plan and appeal to journalists covering the more holistic benefits of healthy eating rather than purely weight loss, we also interviewed a case study who had turned to Barbara to keep her family healthy when she fell ill. The case study along with interview opportunities was pitched to the national press to secure coverage.

Aside from proactive activities, reacting quickly to the news agenda played a strong part in our campaign. Having positive relationships with journalists meant we were often the first port of call when they were looking for specific recipes, facts on the latest superfood, or expert advice from a nutritionist.


In just three months the SBPR team secured seven pieces of media coverage which reached more that 933,000 people! This included a full diet plan in The Daily Express, a four-page spread in Bella Magazine, multiple published recipes and an interview on the award-winning healthy eating podcast Sugar Pink Food. If the same space was bought in advertising, it would have cost over £114,000.

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