Reaching Millions Director’s Board

The Reaching Millions Director’s Board follows on from the Reaching Millions PR & Publicity Course which is designed to give businesses the tools they need to action their own PR. The Director’s Board provides previous course attendees with an exclusive monthly meeting with the senior SBPR team. The monthly Director’s Board meetings are held at the SBPR office in central Bournemouth.

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How does the Reaching Millions Director’s Board work?

The Director’s Board meetings provide a structured environment for you to discuss your PR strategy and current projects within a small group. The senior SBPR team will provide you with resolutions and support through this forum allowing you to move forward and achieve your PR goals.

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How would the Reaching Millions Director’s Board benefit me?

The Director’s Board is designed to benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Keeps you accountable – it can be easy to let PR slip to the end of your to-do list, by meeting with us on a monthly basis it helps keep you on track and gives you the best chance to hit your PR objectives.

  • Problem solving – ‘a PR problem shared with a PR agency is a PR problem solved’ as the saying goes! With the same two senior members of the SBPR team in each meeting, they will come to know your business and will be able to resolve and find solutions for any of your PR challenges.

  • Inspiration – by discussing PR strategies and campaigns on a regular basis you will be introduced to examples of previous effective campaigns and ideas for future campaigns that can inspire you and your business.

  • Networking – meeting with the same five other businesses each month will forge a strong relationship between you enabling a natural business crossover.

  • SOS – the SBPR will be on hand at any time for you to call with questions or queries regarding your PR ensuring that you are able to move forward with your PR strategy.

  • Ad-hoc services - As a board member you will have exclusive access to our PR services on an ad-hoc basis, so if you do run out of time to write that press release or to create your media list then we can do it for you.

  • Affordable - To become a board member and have access to all of these benefits it costs £450.00+VAT per month.


When would it be?

The Director’s Board would be at the same time every month.

What if I don’t have a PR strategy?

We offer a free of charge strategy clinic to all Director’s Board members. The strategy clinic will provide you with a 12-month PR timing strategy.

How many are in a group?

There are only six members at any one time with two senior members of the SBPR team also in attendance making eight in total.

What if I don’t like it?

You can cancel at any time, you just need to give us three months’ notice to replace your position. If you can help fill your position sooner, the three months’ notice period could be reduced.

How much does the Reaching Millions Director’s Board cost?

£450 per month.

How long will the meetings be?

The Director’s Board meetings will be three hours long to allow time for everyone to have their fair share of time.

What next?

Due to the unique nature of these meetings, we cannot accept every business onto the Director’s Board so please contact us to find out if your business qualifies.

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