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How We got 4 Million Listeners for our Client

Find out how we set up 13 radio interviews including national stations, Sky News Radio and talkRadio, for our client Ramsay Health Care by reading our blog post here.





How We Achieved Editorial in Coveted Wedding Media..

Alongside an impressive collection of wedding coverage, the Sunny Bird PR team also secured over 62 pieces of hotel coverage for The Green House Hotel in just 6 months. The coverage achieved reached over 2.5 million readers and included reviews and roundups and has an advertising value of over £95,000! To find out how we did it check out our blog post here.

New Business Wins

The Sunny Bird PR team has started working with some fabulous local clients including TV Chef Sarah Ali Choudhury, founder of the Venus Awards Tara Howard and the Most Rad Iced Coffee on the market, Jimmy's Iced Coffee. As we welcomed Jimmy's to the nest, we asked the team, how do you drink yours?

New Team Members

We've had a busy first quarter at Sunny Bird PR welcoming some lovely new clients and also some fabulous new team members. To find out more about Anya, Lu and Alex read their bios on our Who We Are page.

GDPR & ENewsletters

With GDPR just a matter of days away, the SBPR team has been busy attending seminars, workshops and finding out all about GDPR for us and our clients. We thought we would share our findings in this handy blog post for any of you that are still in the process of getting your heads round it.


Journalist of the Month

Delphine Chui is a Digital Editor at Hearst and creates content across all of Hearst’s brands with a particular focus on interiors. When she’s not busy writing copy and being a digital content creator for the likes of Red Magazine, Country Living and Harper’s Bazaar, she can be found finding some zen in the great outdoors. Read Delphine's answers to the infamous Sunny Bird PR questions here.




Royal Wedding PR Campaigns

Working in and with the media it was pretty hard for us to not get swept up in the Royal Wedding fever. We weren’t that excited about dresses, hats and celeb guests though, we were more excited about which brands had used the Royal Wedding as an effective PR springboard to catapult their brand or product into the sparkly ginger light. Here we have included a few of our favourite national campaigns as well as some local events that we felt hit the magic markle spot.


November Newsletter

How We More Than Doubled Coverage,

Boosted Traffic & Exposure

for a Client Leading to Increased Sales!


Ramsay Health Care UK is a private health care company whose primary objective is to be seen as a trusted and responsible, expert-led health care company. One of the key PR objectives was to secure backlinks to lead the readers back to Ramsay’s website and boost their SEO. By working with Ramsay’s key focuses and marrying these up with awareness days and topical times of year, the team has achieved 74 pieces of coverage in target titles for Ramsay’s demographic.

Why is PR important when it comes to

your business, brand or product?


Public relations can be very powerful for a business as it places you in front of your target audience and gets your voice heard amongst the rabble of a crowded market.

The job of a PR agency involves educating the media, key journalists, influencers and potential consumers on the USPs (the unique selling points) behind your brand or product so that they will then ultimately recommend it to their readers, followers or friends and tempt your chosen demographic to use your brand, product or service.

PR is important for numerous reasons; here are just a few to consider…



exterior from lawn.jpg


of the Month

Katie Avis-Riordan is an online features writer for  and Katie recently came down to Bournemouth to review the beautiful Green House Hotel which you can read here. Katie took five minutes out from being wined and dined to answer the infamous Sunny Bird PR questions…





PR Campaigns

The Good, The Bad and The Viral

The festive season is well and truly upon us, but that doesn’t mean we’re winding down at Sunny Bird PR. As we wrap up against the incoming cold spell, we thought we’d wrap up the best and worst PR campaigns we’ve come across this month.

This month’s round up of thought-provoking campaigns include putting coats on statues, a savvy survey which reached 33 million readers, a virtual look into homelessness at Christmas and an election campaign which embarrassingly backfired.


What We've Been Up To This Month

How We Got 70 VIPs to a Launch Event

Las Iguanas came to us in advance of opening its first Bournemouth restaurant asking for support on the all-important launch event. Our regional knowledge was required for a marketing strategy, regional media relations and most importantly, getting VIP guests to the launch event.

How We Improved Our Social Media

We make it our business to know the ins and outs of industry favourites Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. One of the best ways for us to be the best is to make the Sunny Bird PR channels an example. As the channels change the way they do things, we need to change with them so here we have outlined the changes we’ve made to our own channels as we adapt to achieve the best results.

Bye Bye Berliner

With news that the Guardian and Observer are becoming tabloids, the Sunny Bird PR team discuss the pros and cons of tabloid, broadsheet and Berliners...

PR Campaigns - The Good, The Bad and The Viral

This month's PR campaigns include an experiential from our favourite tonic, an equality message from an ice-cream giant and the best salescreature in the Czech Republic...

journalist of the Month

Gemma Ralph is the Deputy Editor at Hospitality Interiors magazine. A self-confessed foodie, fairy light fiend and lover of all things cosy, she has taken a few moments away from glam interiors to ask the infamous Sunny Bird PR questions for Journalist of the Month…

How We Got National Coverage for a Regional Client

We don't just achieve outstanding national coverage for big name brands, we also work with regional businesses like Dorset Cruises based in Poole. We reached out to key national titles about the Gin Cruise and secured over 30 pieces of coverage including reviews of the gin cruise by top name journalists. Our activity resulted in Dorset Cruises reaching over 40 million people!

To find out more about how the Sunny Bird PR team could achieve the same amazing results for your business email us on or call us on 01202 293095.

How to...Work With Bloggers

Bloggers are often more trusted than celebrities, journalists, brands and politicians. Recent research has shown that over 80% of all consumers will make a purchase after reading about the product on a blog. Find out how your brand can best work with bloggers here...


PR Campaigns - The Good, The Bad and The Viral

This month we present a beer brand bringing people together despite their differences, a charity asking for people to walk, run or cycle an outline of a ‘ballsy’ shape to raise money and awareness, and a well-known craft beer company sets up a crowd funding page for a spectacular opening...or so it the full review here.


Journalist of the Month

Laura Hampson is a 23-year-old travel and lifestyle journalist for the Daily Star Online. She took a moment away from her busy schedule to answer our Journalist of the Month questions and gave us all a tough question in return. Read all our answers here.

Doubling Traffic & Doubling Sales - How Did We Do It?

How We Get Overseas Clients Coverage in the UK

We have clients all over the globe so we need to know how to get the best results from public relations on an international level. For Bliss Sanctuary for Women, a luxury retreat in Bali, our strategy was to raise the profile of the retreat in the UK resulting in the sanctuary being fully booked. Find out how we did this here.


How to...Get the Best Out of Your PR Agency

Making sure you get the best out of your PR agency is crucial for seeing that all important return on investment. The Sunny Bird PR team has compiled a How To guide to help you do just that.

PR Campaigns - The Good, The Bad and The Viral

This month we present a fashion designer using a dating app to showcase his latest collection, a florist attacking the big apple with guerrilla bouquets and some uncomfortable seating options on Mexico City’s pubic transport. Read the round-up here.

Journalist of the Month

Claire Scott is a journalist for The Irish Mirror and Dublin Live and a lover of G&T’s! She kindly took a moment away from her busy schedule to answer our Journalist of the Month questions and gave us a craicing question in return...

How We Got Our Client a TV Show

How We Got Our Client a TV Show

We worked with author, Alice Morrison, last year to promote her first book, Dodging Elephants. In true Sunny Bird PR style we smashed it out of the park and generated so much national coverage that the BBC got in touch with Alice and commissioned a TV series all about her travels. The Story Behind the Story


Welcoming Journalist Steph to the Sunny Bird PR Team

March saw us welcome Steph to the team as one of our ‘sounding boards’ and most trusted media experts. She offers Sunny Bird PR a no nonsense approach when it comes to what press want from PR’s and brands in order to feature them. Steph cut her journalistic teeth writing for the Femail section of the Daily Mail where she specialised in human interest features, went undercover at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant and wrote investigative pieces on the trade in human hair for hair extensions and the rise in street begging. Steph's Bio


How to...Contact a Blogger

Bloggers and blogging have taken the world by storm – bloggers have the power to influence millions of consumers. In this digital age, consumers are more likely to trust the word of a blogger than other more traditional marketing tactics and businesses should be paying attention. How to...Contact a Blogger


PR Campaigns - The Good, The Bad and The Viral

Each week the Sunny Bird PR team research PR campaigns that have made their way into the media and choose one to share that demonstrates effectiveness, reach, simplicity, message and in some cases the opposite – how not to execute a PR campaign. Every month the team chooses their personal favourites and here we deliver them - The Good, The Bad and The Viral from the PR Campaign world. PR Campaigns


Blogger of the Month

Chichi was a features writer for House of Coco and has now moved into freelance work. Chichi also works around the clock as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, she has stepped away from wardrobe and make up long enough to answer the infamous Sunny Bird PR questions! Blogger of the Month

Spring Newsletter

Hot Tips for the New Instagram Slideshows

Instagram is an integral PR tool and as such we make it our business to get to grips with the latest features so when the social giant brought the new Instagram Slideshows we couldn't wait to get to grips with it. We’ve created our first slideshow which can be found on our Instagram feed here and we have also compiled a 'How To' blog so you can get the most from Instagram's latest feature...Instagram Slideshows

Mother's Day Campaign Increased Sales by 2,656%

Our Three Pregnant Dads campaign led to a 2,656% increase in sales, 2,000 shares on one Daily Mail article alone as well as a 1,850% increase in Facebook social media engagement.

We created a Mother's Day campaign for The Book of Everyone that grabbed the media's attention with three middle-aged businessmen wearing 15kg 'empathy bellies'. The campaign was designed to show how much they appreciated all the mums out there by putting themselves in their shoes for a month.

PR Campaigns - The Good, The Bad and The Viral

As well as creating PR Campaigns, the Sunny Bird PR team also enjoys finding the best of the rest. This haul offers a diverse mix of campaigns from giving money to the homeless, inspiring women after the US election, a 4D tunnel that stimulates all five senses and two unique alcohol brands who want to be THE spirit people drink. Check out the team's choice of PR Campaigns 

Blogger of the Month

Rhiannon Duffin is a Dorset-based, successful lifestyle and fashion blogger who focuses on seaside living, beauty, fashion and accessory brands. Rhiannon took some time out from writing her blog to write ours and answer the infamous Sunny Bird PR questions so we can all have an insight into the world of a glamorous fashion blogger…check out her answers here Blogger of the Month

Sunny Bird PR Rebrand

Since our exciting rebrand, lots of people have been asking us how and why we did it so we put together the above video to explain just that. You can also read all about it on our blog.


Sunny Bird PR’s Top 10 from 2016

2016 was an incredible year for Sunny Bird PR. Not only did we rebrand but we raised the bar when it came to achieving brilliant PR results for our clients. 2017 is set to be a fantastic year and we are already off to a flying start. We thought we’d share with you our top 10 from 2016 and we also have some very exciting news to share, read on to the end to find out!

In the words of Craig David: “re-re-wind…”

1)      We turned three years old and the PR team expanded. We gained Louise (Head of Strategy), Lizzie (Account Manager), Sian (Account Executive), Natalie Brown (Senior Journalist & PR Consultant), Katy (Well-being Officer and PT) and we are no longer an all-female office as we gained a man in the shape of Darren (Head Designer). Find out more about the new staff here. To celebrate our third birthday, the team threw themselves off of Bournemouth Pier! But don’t panic, as we had secure harnesses and hard hats.  We spent a sunny, summer day zooming down a high speed zip wire. Trust me; it’s scarier than it looks. Take a look at our Instagram here to see Lucy flying through the air.

2)      This year saw us move offices. We now have an amazing, spacious office that is just five minutes away from the beach. Brighter, bigger and better with lots of room for growth – our office embodies the Sunny Bird PR brand with bright colours and stand-out branding. Located in the centre of town, we love being here and welcome visitors so do feel free to pop in for a chat.



3)      We had a makeover. Not only did we spread our PR wings and grow from Little Bird PR into Sunny Bird PR but we now have some great signage, personalised business cards (chosen by the team) and a brand new sparkly website. Make sure you check it out here.


4)      Lights, camera, action! From promotional videos for hair brand Regrowz, ‘a day in the life of a cataracts sufferer’ for Ramsay Health Care UK and sourcing the nation’s best fatherly advice for thortful. Not only did we get the opportunity to script write, direct and produce some great video content, but we secured some brilliant PR coverage on the back of it too.

5)      We did numerous presentations and events last year including ‘how to do PR on a shoestring budget’ for the Grocery Accelerator Scheme and what ‘national press are looking for’ for our client Ramsay Health Care UK PR and Marketing teams. We organised a successful seminar for Greenwood Campbell by inviting key, local businesses, booking inspirational speakers and creating important networking time which won Greenwood Campbell fantastic new business as a result.

6)      At Sunny Bird PR our relationships with journalists are paramount. Last year we amassed over 150 one to one media meetings to introduce press to our brilliant clients. 

7)      Conker Spirit mingled with the stars! We organised for Conker Spirit to sponsor the ‘Q Hero Award’ at the official Q Music Awards in London! Conker Spirit had free sponsorship of the high profile event and it was the ONLY gin at the ceremony as well as the VIP after-party. This partnership also achieved over 160 pieces of coverage for our favourite gin!

8)      We smashed it out the park with countless national newspaper exclusives for our clients last year. From an undercover investigation at a pre-school for Naturelly to a Facebook social experiment on teeth and dating for Brighton Implant Clinic. We created some brilliant headlines for our clients. Check out some of our work here.

9)      In 2016 we introduced two, new weekly activities for staff. Jacket Potato Wednesdays enable us to catch up as a team whilst indulging in some beans, cheese or caviar (if you are Lucy). On Thursday’s we burn off the potato from the day before with a high impact boxing class. A team that trains together stays together!

10)      December was the icing on the cake for us here at Sunny Bird PR. Our website launched, we held an amazing Christmas party, Rian got engaged and Sunny announced her pregnancy! 2017 is set to be an eventful and successful year and we can’t wait to meet baby Bird in May.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us from Little Bird PR through to Sunny Bird PR.

(and thanks for making it to the end of this blog post – we know who you are and we will reward you when you least expect it!)

PS. If you haven't already, please like us on social to keep up-to-date with our latest adventures :)